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How much is Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB worth today?


Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB

Sell My Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB

Price Range £5.00 to £40.00

Market selling value for Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB is £40.00 if it is in immaculate condition.

Sell My Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB

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Highest price is offered by Simply Drop, UK based mobile recycling website that buys over 714 different devices for cash.

Top Price Paid

Simply Drop Logo£40.00

5 out of 5 Stars on Trustpilot
13,812 Reviews
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Mazuma Mobile are also buying this device at lower prices if you wish to sell them.

This Market selling value is for a fully functional and working Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB with no cosmetic or functionality problems at all.

Do you want to sell Brand New or Faulty/Broken Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB?

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Get Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB ready for recycling.

  • You can prepare your Mobile Phones for recycling by making sure you wipe out all data, taking out your sim card, eject your memory card, factory reset settings.
  • Go to Simply Drop and complete checkout process. Provide them all details required by them on their easy to use website www.simplydrop.co.uk and select Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB in your basket.
  • Pack your Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB in a securely wrapped box and post out to their instructed address along with your order details so that your parcel can be verified that this Mobile Phones belongs to you.

Thats it!

This is how you can easily get cash of £40.00 for your Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB in Used Condition.

The following sites are some of the most prominent and widely used options for selling a Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB:

Simply Drop - paying £40.00

Simply Drop is one of the UK's most popular mobile phone recycling website. The Simply Drop website allows customers to sell mobile phones for recycling or trade in and offers great prices. Thousands of mobile phones are sent to us from all over Europe each week that are either reused or recycled. We have over 1 million happy customers who have traded their phones in across our 9 European websites, where we’ve been established since 2001.

Mazuma Mobile - paying £5.00

Mazuma are the UK's leading and most trusted mobile phone recycling website. We hope that you choose to sell your phone with us and join the 3+ million happy customers who have done so already. We are committed to offering the very best value and service when it comes to recycling your old mobile to cash. Mazuma Mobile is a pioneer in mobile phone recycling and reuse. Back in 2006 when we first started we were one of the first to reveal the sorry plight of forgotten old phones lying around in homes across the country.

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