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10 Reasons Why Many iPhone Users Are Switching To Android

  10 reasons why many iPhone users are switching to android?

 There are 1.5 million ads on the internet or sell my iPhone! Yes, you read it correct iPhone. So what are the reason behind so many people selling there iPhone is it for buying the latest version or switching towards order brand? Recently there are many Phones have been Launched like iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, LG G6, Google Pixel 2, HTC 10 and much more. After every launch, the great debate starts on the social media on the news that which phone is best. Have the latest technologies the size, the design, the prizing some says its Android and some are die hard fans of iPhone.

So are really android better than iPhone? Let’s find out but we must say one thing before getting started we must clear one thing as this is too necessary we are not an Apple hater and neither has been, even recently we have to sell my iPhone but haven't bought any yet as we are comparing phones on compare mobile phones websites. Although we are having a MacBook Pro, a Windows laptop. It was necessary as after reading this many Apple Fans will disagree with me.

Yes, we will say the iPhone has its own class and a brand name that attracts the elite class while you can find Android on any device which may be far cheaper than any iPhone. So after doing a lot of research on why people switching towards iPhone, there were more than a few reasons.

1.   A huge amount of device choices:

    When you plan to buy an Android Phone you have a large number of devices and brand to select, you are open and browse through hundreds of devices. Either you want a phone that takes the best pictures so that you can have a great selfie to upload on social media, you want a phone that never breaks how many times it falls but never losses shape? or you want a keypad phone so you can send business emails easily. Android Phones cover everything or you want to grab and device you want.

 2.   The Google Play Store:

Obviously, the Google play store is huge you will get every single thing app and from a research, it is said to be more user-friendly than App Store, the UI design is much more interactive. It is very easy to use as you open up application information it shows you what you want including video, screenshots, gameplay (if required). We have used both the App Store and Play Store and we personally like both of them.

3.   More Free Apps:

We still remember some applications like Instagram and Prisma they launched and became the biggest hit but it was offered for iPhone user it was not on play-store, but they soon came to understand the value of Android and now Prisma app is much cheaper than on app store. Yes, you can say that application on play-store is much cheaper than app-store. It's a clear fact that some applications on app-store are paid while on android it's free.

 4.   Charging:

When you came to know that you are leaving house for some work and your battery is 1% you will be the most unlucky person at that moment!! and double the pain for iPhone users as it takes a while to charge again but in android case it charges fast and the plus point is they connect easily with your computer/laptop as it is USB Type-C.

5.   The Back button:

When you want to go back to what you were using just tap on that back button, no extra stepping. In iPhone, you are supposed to take a lot of extra steps either by double tap or either by home button. While Android phones contain a whole button for going back.

6.   The Navigation system:

    As the Google is partnered with android so it gives a free Google map and google earth for the best navigation you can do online. While Apple offers its own navigation system which is connected with Siri. So definitely everyone prefers the Google map.

7.   The Memory Expanded:

Well, all the other might be debatable but at this point Apple losses big! For android users, you just open a slot and insert that memory cards and it's up to you either you want it 4gb or 32g. But Apple never offers S cards options and if you want to buy the higher memory iPhone they as you for so much extra cash. Whenever I sell my iPhone I always wanted to take my memory card back from so there won't be any data backup hustle.

8.   The battery can be changed:

After your phone is used a bit more than that battery also about to die soon and you start getting less time/mileage. So not all but many Android phones offer back cover opening so that you can replace the battery easily. In iPhone, you don't have any such thing closer. Whenever you want to sell your iPhone and you go to some website that compare mobile phones they always recommend to have a good battery before you sell your mobile phone.

9.   Google Assistant vs Siri:

The Cash of clans!! Where ever there is comparison videos or articles online they always talk and compare Google Assistant and Siri. Even Siri was launched earlier than google assistants although it is very productivity google assistants have better competence as it also types for you as you talk and even works offline.


There are so many android phones you cannot measure the durability of that as some are made with the high-quality material and some are low. In the recent past, there were so many news about Apple iPhones are bend due to its size but we never heard anything like this about the android phones.

These were the reason we came up after a lot of research and surveys, and that is why today the amount of android user and devices are way higher than iPhone.