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15 Secret iPhone X Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

In today's world iPhone deals with a lot of new and latest features. Most of the people love to buy new upgraded and shiny products for them each year. And especially we all know that the most wanted product is launched by Apple, which is an IPhone. IPhone has launched many new models each year in order to make its name in market. Some of the iPhone models are having such great features that people just adore it, and want to buy it! 

IPhone is a great technology launched by Apple, Here i am not just talking about its look, but also its features are amazing. And It is the fastest using smartphone among all.

15 iPhone Tips and tricks

iPhone deals with many companies itself, as it is the greatest phone by Apple. If we talk about iPhone's models, we come to know that every model of Apple IPhone looks great and unique always, as because Apple is always looking forward to grow new and upgraded features for their users. Newly Apple has launched a model named as iPhone X. It is as similar to iPhone 8, but the only difference is size. IPhone X has a bigger screen size than iPhone 8. IPhone X has a great feature in it, as it carries Face ID Detection system, which is also very useful for your security purposes. Apple trade in with some of its affiliated companies, who sell it to their customers or users.

Well here we are going to discuss 15 iPhone X tips and tricks that you should know. As we all know that Apple iPhone is not so easy to use for a new user, because it's feature seems quite complicated for the first time, and also for there old users it is  not much easier as they want it to be. Using an iPhone X is quite different from other models, because It don't even have a home button in it.

So we would like to share some IPhone X tips and tricks for you guys to make it much easier to use.

Turn off the iPhone X

We are going to start with the first trick which is how to turn off the iPhone X, the power button is no longer a power button in the iPhone X, and it is more like a sleep or a wakeup button. So to turn off the iPhone X you need to hold down both the volume button and the side button together, and then you will be on the power off screen.

Restart your iPhone X

In case your phone is not responding or its stuck or hanged, the best way to restart the phone is to press the volume button once and release it, and then volume down and release it. And after that keep on holding the side button, you have to keep on holding until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

iphone tips and tricks infographics

Taking Screenshots In iPhone X

As you know that in the previous version of iPhone the screenshot was simple by holding the home and power button, but in the iPhone X you need to press the volume up and the side button together, and then your screenshot is captured.

Access Of Siri

 As we mentioned above the iPhone X has no home button, So Siri can be exist either by Hey Siri command or just by holding the side button for couple of seconds.

* Screen Recording

iPhone X gives you a feature of screen recording, let us tell you how to enable your screen recording, Go to settings then go to control center, then go to customize controls, scroll down , tap the plus button next to screen recording and you can rearrange your icon if you wish. Now you swipe down to control center you can see a video recording button. Simply tap on it to start screen recording.

 * Gestures And User Interaction

 In the iPhone X there are few gestures, for example to minimize the app you need to swipe up from the bottom and it will minimize the app. And if you want to enable the app switcher mode you need to swipe up from the bottom and hold it there for few seconds, and then you will be in the app switcher. There is also a way to switch between app by sliding the finger at the bottom part to the right or left and that you can switch between the apps easily. 

* Force Close Apps

In order to force close an app you need to swipe up from the bottom and once you are there in the app switcher you need to press and hold any of the app card from the switcher, and then you will see the red colored close button above, here you can either swipe up to close the app or else you can just press that red button on the top to close the app.

* Double Tap

Double tap reach abilities are also available in iPhone X but first you have to enable it, by going to the Settings menu, then go to General and then to Accessibility and then just enable the reachability settings. And to use this feature all you need to do is swipe down from the bottom edge of the screen to pull this screen down and swipe up to back to the normal mode.

* Notifications

If you swipe down from the top left or the middle of the screen, you can access the notifications.

* Control Center

If you swipe down from the top right then you will be able to access the control center.

* Add a Virtual Home Button

We no longer have a home button in iPhone X, but iPhone deals with some more features, as you can add a button by your own settings, for adding a virtual home button you need to go to settings, then scroll to general then to accessibility, and then you're going to scroll down into your assistive touch, and just enable it. By doing this you'll get a home button on your screen.

* Disable Face ID

If you're worried that someone can forcefully unlock the phone by just bringing the phone in front of your face then with this trick or hack you can easily disable the face id, till the time you put the passcode again. You need to press and hold the volume up, down and side button at the same time to disable face id. Now your phone can’t unlock with the face id till you put the passcode again.

* Apple Pay

There is a button on the right side of the iPhone X, if you double click it; it opens Apple-Pay immediately. Apple pay has made paying your bills to easy without carrying credit or debit card.

Face ID security for Apps

For many people they need a security on some application which can only be access by then, so in iPhone X you can use Face ID for authentication rather than passwords. It is simply done by
Settings app > Face ID & Passcode > Enter Passcode > Choose Apps.

* Custom Emoji

Now you can create your own custom emoji using the Apple Face ID that recognizes the face.
First go to message than tap on the App Store icon, than tap the monkey icon with its mouth open. Then browse through the emoji and select you favorite than hold and record your video.

IPhone deals with such great features that If i am ever asked to sell my mobile, and buy another device, I'd love to buy an IPhone X. Apple trade in with many other mobile companies, and gives the best product in a great way. We hope you got our tips and tricks to use your new iPhone X easily.