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5 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Chances at Conversion

Make it or break it! And if you are incapable of doing the former, forget about good conversion rate at your website. Let us face it, no one in today’s fast-paced world has any time to waste on something that doesn’t interest them. You just have a couple of seconds to grab your visitors’ attention. Try failing at it and get ready to lose a potential customer. Apart from having little time on their hands, these potential customers also have a very short attention span. Hence, the landing pages should be easy to understand and simple besides being attention grabbers. I, personally, would not spend more than 5 seconds on a landing page. During these 5 seconds, if the page convinces me that I have made a bad decision by visiting it, I would not give navigating to another page a second thought. There can be many faults in the page from complicated forms to slow page speed. I will not blame my internet if the page is taking ages to load as I have subscribed to WOW Internet. I will question the abilities of the site developers.

Anyhow, if you want to avoid annoying your potential customers, given below is a list of mistakes you should not make:

Sluggish behavior
Nothing is more irritating than a page that has been developed keeping the slug in mind. You do not want the visitors to navigate away from the page. Many factors reduce the speed at which the contents of the page load. Therefore, before launching your website, check the speed of the landing page yourself. You can easily do this by using apps like Pingdom or page speed Insights by Google. These apps give you an idea regarding the speed at which the page is loading on the desktop as well as the mobile. Apart from that, these apps also give suggestions regarding the fixes that need to be made in order to increase the loading speed of the pages.

Besides using these apps, you should also make sure that you clean up your code. The landing page should be well organized and clutter-free. This can be achieved if the code is free of extraneous junk. Hence, you should keep the code clean. Apart from this, compressing and resizing images and minimizing redirects also help in increasing the loading speed of the page.

Complicating things
Nothing irks me more than seeing a form that inquires stuff about me. I mean, why would anyone want to do that? Why are websites interested in knowing your name and your place of birth? I mean you are a website, behave like one. I was browsing the internet to enjoy. I was looking forward to your FBI kind of investigations. I would rather switch to a new website that does not suffocate me by asking questions. I am sure it is not just me, but everyone hates a nosy website. Therefore, if you do not want to drive your potential customers away, do not create complicated forms that pop-up on the screen like an unwanted guest. And all of us know what having unwanted guests in the house is like. No one likes them. Hence, please avoid wasting time on these forms and do not force the visitors to fill them.  

Crowded design
For me, anything that I see should have a soothing effect on the eyes. If my eyes have to put in extra effort while struggling to locate something on a website or a specific page, I will navigate away from it. This is exactly what crowded designs do. Your focus should be to avoid cluttering things as much as possible and direct your users’ attention towards the action that you want them to take. Simplicity in design is the key here, as the user would not have enough time to go through a page with jarring colors and hard to read the text. Therefore, keep things as simple as possible. It will help.

Lack of context:
To make sure that your landing page does not lack context, you should first assess the source through which the users landed on this page. The possibilities range from them clicking through social media to putting in an effort to make an organic search. This is something you will need to figure out. For instance, if your landing page ranks good for a popular keyword, there is a high possibility that the users fed in the keywords in google or any other search engine. From this, you can deduce that the user is unfamiliar with your brand. Therefore, putting up offers like an eBook download would be relevant in this scenario. You need to access the stage at which your user might be and make the context on the landing page relevant accordingly. 

Limp headlines:
Great headlines translate into more customers. The headlines should be catchy and instantly grab the attention of the user. Apart from that, they should not be too wordy and should use jargon-free words. Put in more thought when you come up with headlines. Limp headlines do not get your customers.

Summing it all up, you should value the users’ time and avoid irritating them as much as possible. And once the users develop a friendly relationship with your brand, they will become loyal to it. I remember when I was had to subscribe to an internet service. I asked friends and family for suggestions and myself spent a lot of time researching about different companies and their packages. However, after days of asking around and research, I subscribed to Frontier TV Packages and I have not been disappointed since. That is exactly the type of experience you want to offer to your users who eventually become your customers.