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Base PS4 Vs PS4 Slim


As you all know the base ps4 and the PS4 slim have been out in the market for a few years now there are two options for you to consider when buying your next console with a few changes like as in terms of internal hardware both have 8gb gddr5 ram AMD Radeon GPU at 800mhz 1.6 GHZ 8 core processor 500gb, 1TB of storage capacity and in terms of design the prominent blue led strip has been replaced by a small button with 3 dot sized indicators and on the controller an led strip has been installed at the top of the controller just a minor tweak not a major redesign and the exclusion of an optical audio port at the back of the console which can be a bummer for some as in terms of gaming and software there are no major changes just an addition of HDR via a software update from Sony which enhances your experience.


So if you are an existing ps4 user then there is no major reason for you to upgrade unless the existing console is dying on you or if you haven't bought a console yet and about to buy one for yourself and optical audio port's exclusion from the slim doesn't bother you than the slim should definitely be your next console.

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