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Best Ways To Immediately Boost Current Social Media Traffic

Building social media based traffic is more like city planner. You need to know how efficiently you are getting traffic in and out of city. If every roadway seems as different website visitor, then social media traffic seems to be the main base towards highway infrastructure.It is quite tricky to try attracting social media followers towards your side. It turns out to be more difficult when you have limited budget and planned for paid advertising. There are some paid socials, which can boost website traffic. How will you get your people to social channels? Now, that’s the biggest question to answer.

Social media has the power to be the perfect source of traffic to site. If you can build larger presence on social media, you can rely on steady social media traffic.

Ways to increase social media based traffic:

Increasing traffic on social media happens, when you are engaging and building relationships on every network. Already available for customers, potential buyers and brand loyalists, this social media platform helps in nurturing people through purchasing procedure.

Each one of the social network platform is different. But, for gaining that extra boost in social traffic, you have to follow some steadfast rules for all social channels. Remember that the content speaks about your brand. So, ensure that you case studies, blog posts and infographics tend to be more creative to make social sharing aspect major. There are some steps to follow in order to get people to social channels and to your websites ultimately.

Inspiring audience through visuals:

First impressions are always mandatory. Yes, everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover. But, there are times, when visual helps in making the right decision. Some research studies have shown that social media posts with images can help create around 650% more engagement when compared to text posts. People are currently eyeing for visual content to ensure that their purchasing based decisions are perfect. When customers can view a product demo or video, around 85% of prospective clients might buy then and there, when compared to reading review.

In terms of social media, you need visuals for driving traffic to website. One major avenue for visual tends to be Instagram. With over 80 million videos and photos posted daily, there is a tough competition. When you are actually able to create engaging and beautiful content on Instagram, businesses can easily turn out to be different. You can get help from Gramista developers for help.

According to an Instagram data, brands enjoy highest engagement level on Instagram, around 4.21%. Around 3/4th of comments are made within a span of 2 days, which impact Instagram strategies well. You can provide awesome visuals which will stand out. The best visuals over here have to be:

·         High quality photography

·         Well designed and vibrant colored layouts

·         Visual showing services or products and visual telling stories

Always try to create that well-planned and on-point plan, which is designed to address your needs pretty well.

Try to make your content shareable:

By now, every business owner knows importance of creating mobile friendly site. Some data in 2013 show that around 65% of time allotted on social media was from mobile devices. Around 40% news content was on mobile device. In this current mobile centric age, your content needs to be easy readable. But, most importantly, it needs to be shared. Share buttons on mobile devices are way critical to drive social media based traffic.

·         You can try using social media plugins and buttons:

You can let users use social media plugins for sharing content. There are so many plugins available, designed to help spread content through social media easier than before. One such avenue is “click to tweet.” It helps readers to highlight parts of content to share on social without even leaving the page.

·         Use of social media buttons:

Try using some social media buttons, known to be mobile friendly. Avoid distracting readers when they are scrolling. As per some of the surveys made, most of the readers can just make it half the content, which means you need to optimize the area to place social media buttons.

·         Heat map plugins:

You can further try using the heat map plugins. It is designed to help business owners see what people are actually clicking on blog content. Once you have an idea of area with higher click volume, you can try adding social share buttons for increasing traffic quite easily.

Try improving your SEO:

You always want your site to be easier for your readers. Moreover, you have to share content correctly and in an effective manner. Digital marketing has grown quite immensely. It means that at one point you might have to up your SEO best practices. If you can integrate SEO best practices into your source, you can:

·         Improve present online visibility

·         Get the chance to generate more leads or sales

·         Strengthen the authority of your brand and domain

·         Increasing traffic on social media

·         Connect well with direct audience

For bolstering social traffic, try optimizing content for some of the major search engines like Bing and Google with amazing payoffs. As per an advanced web ranking report in 2014, around 72% of searches might lead to page one click. This number might drop in a significant manner when you deal with page two ranking. The data showed that the page two and three ranks will garner only 6% of organic clicks.

Time to realize when audience is listening:

The main key to building follower count is within consistency. If you are consistent with social media publishing, you have higher chances of being seen. Whenever you start seeing spike in any social media traffic, you might have to slow down on posting. It is really important to keep daily publishing schedule to create some effective forms of social media based traffic building. Just be sure of the times when you actually have to post at each site and at the right time. You can even try to use a social media calendar to keep a track on your services.