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Differences Between Refurbished and Second-Hand Phones

Big Differences Between Refurbished and Second-Hand Phones

Not everyone can afford the extreme prices that are being charged for some of the smartphones that are available in the markets. If you are a person who is wanting a mobile phone with a popular brand but can’t afford a brand new one then you might look into buying a refurbished or second hand a mobile phone.


Nowadays, second hand and refurbished phones are very popular among people in the UK. Hence, most of the people think both are same, but they are not. Used and refurbished cell phones are quite different from each other. Therefore, if you are going to buy one of them, then you must know what the differences between them are and which one is better to buy.

Here I have compiled a list of differences between second hand and refurbished phones that will give you a clear information about both kinds of mobile phones as well as help you choose the one according to your needs and budget. So, continue reading the following article!

Second hand Phones

Such phones that are used and then returned to manufacturers or dealers for whatever reasons. Second hand phones are generally sold as-is; these devices don’t get any repair or cosmetic treatment to improve their condition and functionality. 

Refurbished Phones

When used phones have been remodeled and all sort of hardware damage have been fixed, in short, they have been refurbished to the brand new condition, they are called “Refurbished, Reconditioned, or Pre-owned Phones”.    


Let’s Take a Look at the 6 Big Difference Between Refurbished and Used Mobile Phones

Refurbished Phones Vs. Second hand Phones



Second hand Phones

Refurbished Phones



Used Phones are typically sold as-is. They don’t have had anything changed to restore their good condition.

Reconditioned mobile phones look like new phones. Though they are not brand new devices, their quality is much closer to the new ones.


Physical Condition

These phones usually have some scratches and signs of wear or damage.

Such mobile phones are categorised in different Grades, depending on their condition. Generally, Grade A phones look and function like brand new phones and don’t have any marks. While Grade B and C phones might have some scratches and marks etc.  



Second hand phones don’t come with a warranty.

Refurbished phones are covered with a reasonable warranty of 6 months. Hence, some reputable dealers offer a 1-year warranty for Grade A phones.  



These mobile phones are not passed through quality checks, so their quality is always in doubt. They are sold as-is without applying any refurbishment treatment.   

Reconditioned phones are passed through quality checks. After getting refurbishment, they are inspected by expert technicians. So you can expect excellent quality and better performance from such devices. 



It is hard to find used phones that are sold with their original accessories.

Refurbished phones are always sold with their new accessories.


Unlocking Feature

Used phones are typically locked that means you are restricted to use a particular carrier’s services on these devices. You have to unlock them on your own so that you are able to use the services of your preferred carrier. 

These mobile phones are usually unlocked. This means you can use your preferred network services on your refurbished phone anywhere in the world. 


Age of Phone

There is a specific time period right after a mobile phone is discontinued. That means manufacturers don’t produce new handsets of specific a specific model for sale. Then only used phones are available to satisfy people. 

If a particular phone is still available from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as new, you will find refurbished versions of it. 



They are cheaper, a lot cheaper than brand new and refurbished phones as well.

They are cheaper than the brand new handset, while they are quite expensive than used phones.

Which is better; Second hand Phones or Refurbished Phones?

Most expert technicians highly recommend purchasing a refurbished phone over a used one. Refurbished phones provide a substantial price cut to the expense of buying a phone which is completely new and high-priced. These phones carry the same features as their brand new counterparts but at prices sometimes they are low as half.

They are remodeled by expert technicians to rectify all minor and major defects that are encountered during the initial product run. They are fitted in with new and good quality hardware as well as software components to restore these devices to the excellent working condition. After being reworked on, they undergo some quality checks to guarantee the best performance. All of that means, you can get a peace of mind if you buy a refurbished phone, which is missing at the time of the purchase of a used phone. Because second hand phones don’t get any refurbishment treatment; they are presented as-is for resale. 

Nowadays, there are various popular online places where you can find a wide range of refurbished and used phones of all leading brands such as Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy. Best Buy, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and third-party certified dealers are some of the top places that offer a lot cheapest deals for refurbished phones. 

Don’t Miss Out the Following Precautions While Buying a Refurbished Phone!

·         Before purchasing a refurbished phone, you have to make sure that it works just like a new one in every respect. A factory refurbished phone that is unlocked can be as good as new.

·         Shop around the web, there are numerous reputable sellers certified by the manufacturers sell reconditioned phones. Look into them and choose a right one. 

·         Make certain the refurbished phone comes with a warranty or return policy to provide you satisfaction in case the product malfunctions. Try to look for a dealer who offers warranty for almost 1 year for reconditioned iPhones with a guarantee that they will work and function properly.

·         Browse each dealer’s website, check out their exclusive deals and then compare them to choose the right one. By doing so, you will definitely get a quality phone at a reasonable price.