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What you will Require to change your name on your passport

US Passport image by Damian Bariexca used under creative commons license

Obviously, you can’t due this yourself! You have to go through the proper channels if you need to change your name on your passport.

You can only do this if your name has been legally changed and you can support this with a document, in fact there are only two things that can happen that will mean you can change your name on your passport, these are:

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·         If you get married and take your partners name.

·         If you have changed your own name by way of a court order.

If your passport is less than 1 year old there will be no fee for this, unless you require expedited service.

What you will Require to change your name on your passport:

·         Ensure that your passport is current and you are able to mail it, this must be a valid US passport.

·         Complete a form by the name of DS-5504 (if your passport is under 1 year old) or DS-82 (if your passport is over 1 year old), you can get these by visiting the official US Government website or you can obtain one from your local passport office. This is the most important piece of paper that you will need and DO NOT forget to include it in your application.

·         You will need either an original or copy that has been certified of your marriage certificate or the legal document that you have received when you changed your name.

·         The US Government states that you only need to send a passport photo if your passport is over 1 year old or if it is specifically asked for, my advice here is send one anyway, you need to make sure that you cover all of the angles.

·         Make sure that you only mail your completed application and all of the necessary documents to the address that is listed on the form, if you send it anywhere else, it won’t be dealt with.

Some notes and tips when changing your name on your passport:

·       You will not be charged anything for changing the name on your passport if it is under one year old, that is unless you need a replacement really quick, in which case you will be asked to pay for expedited service.

·       DO NOT use the normal mail service; this is an incredibly insecure way of sending your documents. Instead, use a recorded delivery service that will allow you to track your package.

·       Don’t just stuff everything into a normal sized envelope, firstly, this will be difficult to open and secondly it may not arrive in a decent enough condition so that your application can be processed properly. Instead, use a padded envelope that will protect the documents inside and will also allow you to put what you are sending inside without having to fold anything.

This is just some basic information for you so that you understand what is required when you want to change your name on your passport.

The US Government has a very comprehensive website should you wish to find out more, having said that I have covered pretty much everything you need to do except for filling out the form for you! Make sure that you don’t forget to send everything needed and your application will be fine.