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How Do I Sell An Android Mobile Phone In UK?

If you searching on google for sell my mobile and especially for android then you will get all the information regards selling an android mobile phone in UK. So if you are planning to sell exchange or give away your android phone in UK there is many different places as mobile mall, markets, customer to customer portal websites and the trendy online selling / buying website, but are all really work like we think on selling our old mobile or there is a lot of hustle involved in it?
Before discussing about selling an android phone we would like to give you some tips before selling your phone.

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- Data back-up
yes! That is the most important thing as there might be a probability of losing your data to the new owner of your phone and might be misused and also for surely you don’t want to delete that data. Save all your data back-up for contacts, calendar, remainder, saved games, web browser book marks, photos and more to your Google account. To get all your data synchronized with google account simply go to Settings > Account > select Google account > and select all the app you want to sync with google so next time you don’t lose your data.
Also you can sync your data using Wi-Fi password setting simple go to setting> Backup & reset> device backup to google.

- Backup for Text and calls
 for many people their text message history and calling data is very important and it is very obvious as whenever you will switch your phone it will be deleted so if you want to keep it you are supposed to get the data back-up for it. One of the easiest ways to do it by using an application called SMS backup and restore it is free on google play store and also provides
best mobile phone deals. This app automatically restores all text messaging and call history to itself once you allow the access it automatically updates to email google drive and drop box. Now many phone carrier companies’ offers data back-up as you insert the sim card to the new phone and allow the access to restore its calling and texting data it will be automatically update.

- Photo back-up
photos are the one of the most important thing for everyone, so doing the back is also the must do thing. There are two different ways for photo backup either you do it manual by transferring your photos to your computer or storing it to the cloud. Now there are a lot of cloud services that allow you to store your photos one of the best and our favorite is Google Photos which allows free photo storage for up to 20MP of resolution and automatically update your photos to the cloud on everyday basis, but it needs Wi-Fi.
To back up your photos into your computer manually, you are just supposed to plug in your data cable into your computer and phone then manually all the pictures will start syncing but if you are doing this for the first time it may take as to install software and drives.
If you are having a memory card in your phone that is one of the easiest way as pictures and videos are already saved while selling your phone you are just supposed to take out your memory cards and insert in your new as all your data saved in memory card will be back.

-Data Encrypting
so once all your data is saved and secure for you to use it later into your phone now is the time to delete all your data from the device. Now to ensure all your data is deleting you cannot just relay on restoring factory data. So if someone restores the old setting your data maybe shown to them so one the great way is encrypting password to the old factory reset. You can simply do it by going to Setting> Security> Encrypt phone, if you are having Android Marshmallow or higher. In this you can also get the SD card password to access your photos and other private application; this is very helpful when you want to handover your phone to someone who wants to test it before buying.

Now your phone is ready to sell but be sure that your sim card is out, in many android devices the sim card slot have a tine whole if you insert a paperclip end and push it will came out and you can easily get your sim out as it contain all your contact and texting details plus your cellular information as well, also wipe your phone with a dry cloth so that it looks clean and hygiene.
There are many market places in UK where you can sell your mobile phone easily but is it worth it? From a source of survey now 90% of the phone shops in UK are having their online portal as large amount of people want to sell their phone just by sitting from their home, and in that case there are huge amount of website you will find online. If you just google search
sell my mobile you will get the result of hundreds of website that buy mobile phones online. But the question is who to trust and how to survey the entire website that are buying your phone model, as this is one of the most time consuming and hustling.

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Now one of the most important things to save time, for you to get all the details within one page, and with all the websites offering you the best amount for your mobile phone with the best mobile phone deals is comparison website. Where you get the pricing offering for your handset,  plus with the feathers offer as now you are not supposed to look for different website and wasting time.

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