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How Do I Sell An Apple Mobile Phone In UK?

There are rumors going on that Apple might launch its new iPhone so I am planning to sell my mobile phone which is iPhone 6 s, many of you will think why am I having an old phone even when there are iPhone 7, iPhone X are in the market. First of all I must say that I am an Apple fan but unfortunately as the prices were too high for the new iPhone X and so on that’s why I was unable to buy a new one. Although I believe I have made a lot of mistakes when it comes to selling my Apple iPhone but now I will not only share with you how to sell your Apple mobile phone in UK but also what are the tips and tricks to get the best price of your old mobile phone.
If you are planning to sell your some older iPhone like iPhone6 and so on than it is obvious that you won’t be able to get a good about as it is an older version but we can help you get the most competitive pricing. It is also said that selling old phones take a lot of time is it true let’s find out.

Before discussing about the best way to sell an Apple mobile phone in UK let us discuss things you are supposed to do before selling or handing your phone to the new owner. These step we will be discussing is for personal data protection and back-up so that you don’t loss any of your data plus when you buy a new phone you can easily transfer all the data. In short it means back-up all your data, cleaning your data from the device and transferring it when you buy the new phone.

There are a lot of ways for your phone data back-up which is mainly and the most trending is using of the applications that provide data back-up and restoring it to the new device; you can find many apps like this at App Store. The other way is doing manually in which you manually transfer your data into your Mac or PC by the help of data cable via iTunes, it might look a bit difficult if you are using for the first time. While there is another way that is transferring data into iCloud.
Every of this method have advantages and disadvantages, like time consuming to backing up, installing software and drives and maybe not user friendly for many. We will prefer if you want to want to do the data back-up go for manually updating data into PC or Mac plus also on the iCloud so you don’t use any of the data.

ICloud back-Up
it is one of the iPhones default backing up software with allows you to transfer your data to iCloud up to 5GB of free then you can buy through how much space you need. ICloud backup is also one off the easiest option to perform backup as all you need is just the Wi-Fi than iCloud can automatically encrypts backups. The only disadvantage this system have is limited storage stage up to 5GB with is quite a low these day, but if you want to increase it can go to as much as you want and have different pricing for it.

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To perform the data back-up you are supposed to go to Setting then click you name, then the option occurs for iCloud, then scroll to the bottom until you see Backup click it and then toggle on the site. Than a warning notification will occurs that will be “no longer back up to your computer automatically when you sync with iTunes” and there will be a option to cancel the process or Ok to proceed further, once you click to OK then select back up Now and it will be starting the back-up, if there is no Wi-Fi so the iCloud wait until it gets the Wi-Fi and resume automatically.

Deleting the data
once all your data is saved and secure with the back-ups now is the time to clean your iPhone with all the data in it so that it won’t be able to display to the new buyer. Cleaning or deleting the data from iPhone is a very simple process and leaves a device in a state that it looks very friendly to the new user as no data is shown from the previous person. As if I sell my mobile I don’t want anyone to have me data. For deleting the data you are simple supposed to go Setting then press the user name then scroll to the least bottom and simply sign out.
Step2 Goto Setting, then press General, then presses the Reset, then “Erase all content and setting” maybe at this stage iPhone asks for the password as well. Than in the end will be a warning notification saying “Erase” than all your data now will be erased.

Now where to sell the iPhone so that you can get the good amount? Always remember to sell you phone before the launching of a new phone as it helps you to get good amount for it and also there are also many best mobile phone deals at that particular time frame. Next time no matter what happens I will sell my mobile before launching of the new model from same company as it will give good pricing .

The trend of online selling for the phones are high in UK but the only problem is there are hundreds of website and companies that are offering or buying the model you are selling, but it requires a lot of time and hustle is required, so for that there are Comparison websites are launched where you can have the list of all the companies buying your mobile phone model with the best
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