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iPhone X, 8 and 7: What Does the Recent Generation of IPhone have to Offer?

IPhone X, 8 and 7: What Does the Recent Generation of IPhone have to Offer?

In the world of smartphones, iPhones, despite their version; have a unique worth. With the powerful iOS system, unbeatable design and a remarkable brand power attached to it, every iPhone released until now is a masterpiece on its own. But with great innovation comes great difficulty to make smart choices.
In the recent years, Apple has released three main versions of iPhone one after another in a very short time period. It took a long time for iPhone 7 to be released after iPhone 6. But after iPhone 7 there was no vacuum left as iPhone 8 and iPhone x were released almost immediately. This left the users a little bit overwhelmed. As every phone seems to be equally flawless and classy. Although the demands for iPhone on the platforms of online shopping in Pakistan are increasing, yet people are still confused about choosing the most suitable one.

So here is a detailed analysis of what each of these phones (iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7) can offer you.


iPhone X

Let’s start with the most recent one which is, of course, iPhone x. It won’t be wrong to say that iPhone X is undoubtedly the most distinctive one among the rest of the iPhones. It is the first ever phone with the facial recognition system (But that can be frustrating too, depends upon your personal choice). Along with having some amazing new features, it is also the biggest iPhone ever. The edge to edge screen was also a factor that attracted people. The camera of iPhone X had to be the most powerful one (perks of facial recognition!). The phone has a 12 megapixels, f/1.8 aperture wide-angle rear camera and 7MP, a f/2.2 front camera which performs efficiently even in low lighting. Considering the level of innovation, iPhone X price in Pakistan is worth all the expense.


iPhone 8

Surprising it may be, but most of the critique believes that iPhone 8 was actually an unnecessary released version of iPhone as there was nothing new or extra exciting about it. Most of the features were similar to iPhone 7. Except for the wireless charging and a slightly improved camera, there is not much to it. There were not many changes in the design which was quite disappointing for the users. However, it’s slightly thicker than the iPhone 7 at 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm and 10g heavier at 148g as Apple reintroduced the glass rear in order to make it more durable (so the glass body won’t shatter? It’s debatable!).


iPhone 7

Despite the fact that two other iPhones have been released after it, iPhone 7 is still the personal favorite of many individual users. There are solid reasons to agree with those individual users. The biggest is, of course, the price factor. The premium version of iPhone 7 (which is iPhone 7 plus) is enough to compete with the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 and is still way more affordable! iPhone 7 plus price in Pakistan is way less than these two phones. Besides a few new features, there is nothing which iPhone 7 cannot offer to its users as it has an equally brilliant design and displays with powerful performance.