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Portable Speaker Systems

Deciding speakers is confusing and decision making is a time consuming thing to do, having to go through each details and features that are included within the system, this way it will help you make your final decision. Another key factor for speakers is the brands reputation as if quality is what you want then you need to know that this brands sound quality is the best option to go with. Deciding portable speaker systems is the same process, the only difference is knowing and noting down the difference in portability, if you are constantly on the move it would be best to go with something that is a relatively good size and weight truly matters in this case.

As time progresses the portable speakers become more to the consumers advantage, making them want to purchase them due to these facts. But what speakers are they that everyone is dying to buy one for themselves and are the biggest rave on the market today? Well there are many options to pick from as there are multiple brands that sell similar products, but it is important to mention the few that have caught many peoples eyes and is a brand that is known for their reputation of good quality of sound.

How do portable speaker work to our advantage?

This is the most obvious advantage as this is the reason that makes them the most wanted, due to their portability and being able to be transported around with no problems. It’s a system that is considered a “grab-n-go” this is the most important feature of any portable system.

Size and Weight-
Relevant to what’s written above being its portability, the size and weight are what makes the speaker portable. Having something that is heavy and big in size does not make it portable, something that is towards the smaller side and the weight being something that you are able to carry within your hands that does not cause any strain to the body. Heaviness tends to pull your body down and can affect your muscles as you could pull it without realizing and takes the body some time to fully heal, if the speaker is resistant towards these factors then that shows just how portable it really is.

  Finally the speakers advantage the consumers with what features they have to offer to the consumers. In most cases today it is how they also provide bluetooth which is the most in demand feature that everyone is searching for, find it on a speaker that has quality makes it even more attractive. Other features would be its outlook on the shape and colors which generally stay the standard black and offer different angles. The extra features that they come with which are more on the technical side, as well as being able to control them through an app and being able to make adjustments without being right next to the device.

Breaking down how what exactly makes them to the advantage of consumers, as in some ways it convinces them into purchasing the product that meets to they standards. Looking at which speaker would be the right option, offering all these features that were mentioned above well it could be pretty straightforward on which options to go for, if all features are not a necessity there are multiple of options that would make up for the missed ones.


Known for the both their consumer and professional side, Bose having famous sound systems such as the ShowMatch and so on which is for the bigger scale environments for concerts and such events. If you are looking for a portable speaker you can say that the most mentioned name to fit the criteria would be Bose, not only is their brand reputation impeccable and quality of sound provided still meeting expectations. For the smaller scaled environments they have various options that would fit the description, going into different levels of portability and sizes.

Starting off with the Bose F1 which is a system that had the ability to moving the arrays of the speaker that would change the angle they would reach, the various shapes the speaker can adjust to would be C, J as well as a reversed J, 
this is all done through a push pull technique that would be easy for everyone to do on the go, this would help the coverage of certain areas to be reached. Whilst adjusting the prefered shape the EQ automatically makes the adjustments that would be needed so it would not be too overpowering and provides the best tonal balance towards the coverage area.

As for other Bose systems, there is the L1 portable system being able to collapse the speaker and extend it when needed for wider area coverage, having six drivers that are set at different precise angles that would provide 180 degrees of sound coverage whether it being vertical or horizontal. Features a built-in mixer, amplifier and bass making in an “all in one” speaker, as well as being lightweight and easy to transport around.

Lastly the speaker that everyone should look out for would be the all new Bose S1 Pro! The smallest in comparison to the other two speakers and much the easiest to transport around for all types of gigs, automatic EQ, 3 channel mixer, reverb and finally the ToneMatch that adds the Bose touch to them. The S1 Pro has the compatibility to connect through bluetooth and being able to make adjustments both manually and through an application downloaded on all devices. Being able to be mounted on pole mounts and being a floor monitor this way it can cover different types of areas.

Reviewing each speaker F1, L1 and S1 they each have certain advantages that they offer, being able to be used a multiple types of events and having various types of features that they can provide to the consumers. You can see the different generations and what demands each ones meet, S1 being the most recent and evolving to what is necessary in the moment which in case would be the added Bluetooth feature.