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Samsung Firmware Odin: Download & Flash Firmware Updates

If you want to stay ahead of Over the Air Updates for your Samsung device, one of the best ways to get access to latest firmware is through Odin. A firmware upload gives you access to new system features, enhanced security patched, improved device performance and the latest version of Android,

Odin is a software by Samsung that lets you install future updates onto your Galaxy smartphone instantly. This software has been very useful in helping Samsung users restore, update and unbrick Galaxy devices. Odin can flash stock firmware, enhance customization options, improve modification options and also flash custom kernels on certain Galaxy devices.

How to use Odin to Flash Samsung Firmware Update

With these simple steps, you will be able to use Odin to gain access to latest firmware for your Samsung Galaxy phone:

       Download and Extract Odin on your Desktop

       Download the latest version of Odin on your desktop. You can get a list of compatible Odin software versions for your device online as well. Right click on the downloaded file to extract it onto your desktop.

       Install necessary Samsung Drivers

       For your desktop to recognize your Galaxy device, you need to make sure that the compatible drivers are downloaded.

       Get a Samsung Firmware download from Updato

       For most Samsung devices, you will be able to find the latest firmware on Google. However, to avoid downloading firmware from unverified sources, choose the UpdatoFirware Platform. Visit the web page, enter your model number and find the latest firmware for your device and download it on to your PC.

       Boot your Samsung Galaxy using the Download mode

       To allow Samsung Odin to flash firmware, you will have to boot your device in Download mode. Switch your phone off. Then hold the volume buttons, power button and Home button down together to boot the device in Download mode.

       Connect your PC and your Phone

       Using a USB cable, connect your device to your PC after launching the Odin Software. The connected device is detected and you will get a notification sound.

       One the upper left side of the window, you will see the ID:COM section. One the device is recognized, you will see a blue notification sign below it.

       Add the selected Samsung Firmware to Odin

     Any firmware downloaded from Updato Firmware Platform is stored in the tar.md5 format. Add this file to Samsung Odin to allow it to flash to your Samsung Galaxy device. You will see buttons like “AP” and “PDA” on the main Odin Screen. Choose PDA or AP to add the firmware file onto odin.

       Flash the firmware software

       Once the firmware file has been loaded on Odin, you just have to click on the Start button and the installation process will begin. Once the installation is complete, a green box with a PASS message appears.

       Make sure you understand the right firmware to flash on your Samsung Device to prevent any bad installations that can render the device useless.

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