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Samsung’s Flagship Face-Off; Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X?

Samsung’s Flagship Face-Off; Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X?

The fandom and haul for Samsung Galaxy S9 plus price in Pakistan has barely settled and here we are already talking about the next installment under the Samsung banner.

It’s pretty much obvious that Samsung is working on its next year’s model and the rumors and predictions are getting out of hands already. As far as the expectations are concerned, after having a refinement of Galaxy S8 in S9, we are expecting a real redesign in 2019.

We are still finding blue’s clues for the new release and the game is not an easy one. Rumors are Samsung is borrowing some of Apple’s most innovative tech for its new secret handset that is expected to launch in 2019. However, the company is still quite but the internet spares nothing. On one hand, where the searches for Samsung S8 price in Pakistan are crowding the internet, there is a flood of all the guesses and leaks about this upcoming beast (maybe).
Here is a detailed view of all the rumors, news and leaks we have heard or are expecting so far.


Samsung might bid farewell to its S-range this time

More than one figure numbers only look good with salaries and not the beast like smartphone models, Samsung agrees.

Following the footsteps of Apple, Samsung may also go with an X quitting its infamous S-range. However, there is nothing finalized officially regarding the name of Samsung’s next generation of S-range. Some early rumors are circulating that Samsung will ditch its longstanding branding in favor of a fresher name. This name-game is getting so intense that people are actually betting and what not. However, in a press conference, Koh Dong-jin, President of Samsung Mobile, said, "Although Samsung will stick to Galaxy, we have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system." All these rumors are creating more suspense and actually spicing up this more.

Hello to the new face-sensing technology

While Samsung Galaxy S9 is an impressive beast with a wholesome price in Pakistan, the face-sensing tech of the front-camera is its weakest area. However, the S9’s scan tech is intelligent enough to scan a hybrid of your face as well as iris data, but it still not secure enough to trust in comparison with Apple’s iPhone X. Also, the underpowered facial sensing failed Samsung’s AR-powered emojis that follow your facial movements, are far away from Apple’s Animoji’s accuracy.
Seeing these backlashes, we are expecting Samsung to perform better on its front-facing camera tech with its new installation. While Andy Boxall transformation into AR Moby is equally disturbing and surprising, there is still hope for Samsung.

Another update that is circulating, Samsung is working with 3D camera startup Mantis Vision to equip its upcoming smartphones with 3D-sensing camera tech. This update’s implementation will definitely make Samsung stand beside Apple’s level whose front-face sensor tech is the finest among-st all.

Specifications – what’s new?

Predicting about the new iteration of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip is a fair bet considering the new model from Samsung. The phone is likely to feature a Snapdragon 85 because it’s been rumored that Samsung has sunk $5.6 billion into a foundry for 7mn chip sets for its new 2019 releases. Risk trials for these chips are expected to begin later this year.

Also, a Neutral Processing Unit might be included. This NPU will handle all the complex AI and 3D processing, sparing Qualcomm CPU for more simpler and basic tasks.

Redesigning of the handset

Samsung’s 2019 installation has many big expectations associated. According to the rumors from World Intellectual Property Organization, Samsung is working on phone designs that are close to bezel-free as Bazel-less is the new smartphone game. Also, the fingerprint scanners may be placed beneath the display giving the phone design more spectacular touch. So the upcoming Samsung model is expected to break new ground in this area.

Release date

Leaks are, Samsung will release its new model in its own special event. However, the company is lip-ight about everything regarding its new upcoming model, so we need to keep a close eye on Samsung for next few months. Moreover, sites for online shopping in Pakistan are also needed to be kept in check for the updates.