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Sell Broken Mobile Phones for Cash

Hey there! Wanna sell your broken phone? You are then on the right page

There are 3 main conditions, recycle stores in the UK, use to value your old mobile phones. Be sure to check the right price!

  • Brand New - Those never been turned on
  • Working - Undamaged & functioning
  • Broken - Broken, but also includes exterior wear

Please make sure you select an honest description of your phone.

Selling broken phones, what is accepted?

There is a possibility that the phone which you may have had for 18 months might not possess scratch less screen! A large percentage of the recycle stores will still pay for 'non-working', 'broken' or 'damaged' phones.

If your phone has:

  • A cracked screen
  • Excessive scratches, dents and chips
  • Broken microphones or speakers
  • Faulty buttons and keys
  • Broken / missing battery
  • Power up issues
  • Broken or missing SIM gate
  • Missing or corrupt operating system

You can still cash them! Just insert your phone model into the search engine and we will investigate the best prices for your phone.

Be careful: Some recyclers could offer larger sums of money but then alter the quote depending on the damage - even after you have sent off your phone.

However: If you are not happy with the altered quote, you will be able to get your phone back, but this won't always be free of charge, which depends upon the company’s policy. Always check the terms and conditions of the individual recycler before sending anything off. All companies will have different policies on dispatching your phones back.

What is Unacceptable?

There seems to be a thin line between 'damaged' and 'too damaged'. But the long and short of it is that there are several generic states your phone can be in, where they will never be accepted and you will never get money for them...

  • Blacklisted or stolen
  • Network barred phones
  • Blacklisted by CheckMEND
  • Water damaged / Liquid ingress
  • Twisted or snapped in two
  • SIM or memory card glued in
  • Broken hinges on flip phones
  • Not a genuine device (fakes)

Make it clear that you are certainly not going to get any money for them. These are listed among beyond economic repair or illegal phone sales.

IMEI: Every phone has a unique code (IMEI) number which acts as a tag. If the owner reports it as stolen, it will automatically be updated in the system and the phone will be handed over to the police.

Value your mobile now:

How to price recycling broken phones

You have a broken mobile & you want to recycle. All you need to do is to use our search engine to find the brand and model to get some initial quotes following these steps:

  • Once you choose a recycler, you will get a post pack and send the damaged mobile phone to them.
  • The recycler then gets the device and checks the condition.
  • Exact quotes: If they price your phone with upfront price, and your phone matches the terms you agree, you will be paid at normal price.
  • Estimate quotes: If it doesn't meet the condition terms or they gave you an estimated price initially (prices that state 'up to £xx') they will give you an accurate quote on it's value depending on the level of damage.
  • You get emailed, and then you can decide to accept or to have your device returned.

How does the valuation offers work on site:

If a store does not offer an upfront price, they will offer you once they have checked the device over. Once a recycler has made an offer for the damaged phone or gadget you've sent, you will be given few days time to accept or reject the offer before the payment is automatically transacted.

If you doesn’t agree to the offer you'll get the phone back FREE or have to pay a small postage fee for it to be delivered back (depending on store’s policy).

All recyclers featured on this site will offer you a fair price for the condition of the phone and this accumulated price depends on how much will it cost them to repair the salvage parts from the device.

Food for thought

  1. If your phone is too damaged to recycle, one option is to get the phone repaired and you can  either keep it as a spare or sell it for money when fixed. Technical problems are usually covered by the 12-24 month warranty in most cases.
  2. Whatsoever you do, you must not throw them away  
  • A single mobile’s battery is still enough to pollute 60,000 liters of water, which endangers the environment purity, so there occurs a dire need to dispose it off properly.
  • Make sure you take the battery to a battery bin (found in most local supermarkets) so it does not cause any harm.
  • Donate your phone to a company that promises to recycle your phones in the right way.

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