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Sell your old phones and electronic gadgets

Sell your old phones and electronic gadgets


A simple way to boost your income is by selling the old mobile phones and other gadgets sat gathering dust at the back of your cupboard.

Phones lose value quickly, so sell yours as soon as you no longer want it

Grab some money
Findings from online trader, sellanymobile, found the average home is crammed full of 186 items of clutter worth a total of £275. With this in mind, why not seize the opportunity right now to de-clutter – and earn yourself a bit of money at the same time?

Where can you sell unwanted possessions?

How do the selling sites work?

While auction sites such as EBay are very popular, some people may find it more straightforward to sell directly to an online shop. With most sites, you simply list the stuff you want to shift, and get an instant price from the trader. You then post your items for free and get the money paid into your bank account.

Selling a mobile phone

There are now a whole host of specialist sites where you can sell your old mobile phone.

However, before listing your handset, it’s worth carrying out a comparison of the prices offered by various firms – you can do this at a site such as

Crucially, if you’re looking to make money from a handset you no longer use, you should do so as soon as you stop using it, as new technology means the old one will quickly lose value.

Before selling a phone, it is vital to ensure it has been wiped clean of any old contacts, photos and private messages.

Apple-Store-Regent-Street-720866.jpgTrade in old mobile for a new one?

You can check the valuation for your old mobile such as Apple iPhone on sell any mobile and visit your local manufacturer’s store such as apple to see how much they are offering if you were to exchange or trade in your old mobile for a new phone. However we would recommend you to first get valuation online before visiting the store.

Where can you sell unwanted items and gadgets?

As well as specialist sites where you can sell your mobile phone, there are also a host of sites where you can sell a wide range of unwanted goods.

With, for example, you can trade in not only mobiles, but also old gadgets, such as laptops, tablets and digital cameras- all of which have their data wiped on arrival.

They also provide free postage and packaging, making things ultra-simple. allows you to sell CDs, DVDs, and electronics – in one place for free. Simply list the items you want to get rid of, and the site will offer an instant price. You can then opt to send your stuff by post or courier – both options are free.

Use your mobile is always available as an app on your mobile, so you can scan the barcodes and get a price immediately.

As prices vary across the different companies, a handy tip would be to ask a family member or friend to download one of the apps and you download another, then both scan each item, putting the one that comes up with the best price in that pile. It might take you a bit of extra time, but when one DVD comes up as 15p on one site but £5 on another, you'll be pleased you made the effort!