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SIM card not recognized: How to fix the error

You have just bought a new Smartphone and want to try all functions - and then this: The SIM card is not recognized. There can be a variety of causes for this problem, such as dirt, a broken SIM card or a broken cell phone. In most cases, however, you can solve the problem very quickly. In our article you will get useful tips on how to proceed if your phone does not recognize the SIM card.

Smartphone or SIM card defective?

Since the error of an unrecognized SIM card can be caused by both the device and the card itself, it is first necessary to examine where the problem lies. To find out, you have to test the SIM card in another device. If it detects it, you can exclude a defect on the map. If you have multiple SIM cards, you can try them on the affected device. So you can test if the problem lies with the Smartphone. You can send a defective SIM card to your mobile service provider and request a new one. This often costs nothing or there are only small costs. If you find out that the problem is due to the Smartphone, you should first try if you can solve it by resetting to factory settings.

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Dirt on the SIM card or in the phone

A common source of error is small dust particles on the SIM card: These particles are barely visible to the naked eye, but can still cause problems because they block the contacts on the card. You can easily remove them with a cloth. To avoid scratching the contacts, a microfiber cloth is recommended. In addition to dust particles on the SIM card and dust grains on the contacts of the SIM card slot in the Smartphone can cause the Smartphone, the SIM card or not registered incorrectly. You can also eliminate this pollution quite easily: You have to blow several times vigorously in the SD card slot. Make sure to blow as dry as possible. Because even moisture can lead to a malfunction of the contacts.

Check APN settings

If you have no network with a new SIM card, this may be due to the APN settings. Through this setting, the Smartphone knows which network it should dial in at best. APN is the abbreviation for Access Point Name. The best way to go on the Internet on the help pages of your mobile service provider. There you will find the APN data. Now you have to adjust these with the settings in the menu of your device.

SIM card is broken by root

If you have rooted your Smartphone and have installed a custom ROM for Android or have jail broken the iPhone and have experienced problems with the SIM card, you should restore it to its original state. In some cases, external software may cause the modem driver to no longer recognize the SIM card. This problem can occur even if you use the new software for a long time.