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Top 5 UI Designing Tips To Increase Chance Of Business Success

A website needs to create a satisfying and fulfilling experience for a visitor in order to achieve its primary objective of generating high conversion rates. In order to provide a complete user experience (UX) it is essential to have a practical and handy user interface (UI) that is appealing at the same time. The variety of devices with different interactive procedures makes it mandatory to have knowledge of some good UI designing tips that can be used for creating a productive web interface.

1. Knowledge Of User’s Thought Process Is Essential 

A knowledge of the thought process of end user is mandatory for proceeding with designing the interface as having an insight into the minds of the consumer will give a fair idea about their expectations. Take help from analytics tools to understand the demographics of the user base and the type of content that will be placed on the website. This will come handy when choosing the layout and the content portions that needed to be highlighted apart from deciding upon the nature of call to actions and their placement. Moreover, the composition of the audience will also give an idea about the devices most likely to be used for accessing the web interface which is necessary for understanding the types of interaction- direct like tapping or indirect like clicking. The UI needs to incorporate the nature of interaction in order to give a fruitful experience.

2. Appropriate Placement And Size Of Elements 

The placement of the key elements of a website such as the navigational icons and call to action buttons is a very important aspect to consider. The most important thing to be kept in mind is how quickly do you want a visitor to discover a particular segment of the website as that will help in deciding upon the dimensions as well as placement of the icons. Putting them at easily discoverable places or locations where users mostly expect them is advisable as not doing so can be counter productive. The size of the major components like the command buttons must be bigger than the non- interactive elements as clicking a larger button is easier. Position the interactive elements in a manner that they are accessed immediately and without requiring too much movement.

3. The Design Must Provide Ease Of Use 

The whole purpose of a website is to provide information to a user in an orderly fashion and the thought should be reflected in the UI design as well. Try to keep things simple and though pop ups and call to actions are necessary for commercial purposes, it will be wise to keep them as less intrusive as possible. Most of the time professionals forget that a simple design can be attractive as well as effective and go for out of the box ideas which can put off visitors. Clarity and consistency in the narrative of the website is essential for a satisfying user experience and a simple layout must be employed for the purpose. A predictable approach where the user’s attention is focused on the desired items is better than an option where the chances of distraction are high.

4. Establish Visual Hierarchy In The Design 

One of the most important UI designing tips that is more often than not ignored but is essential for a high quality interface is to have a well thought out and designed visual hierarchy. It is vital to identify the order of importance of all the elements and then decide on their positioning, color and dimensions. Creating everything in a similar fashion will result in a visual overload for the user and hamper the overall quality of the UX. A visual path must be planned out which will help in finalizing the order in which you want a user to interact with the elements and accordingly decide upon the colour scheme and size of these elements. A contrast between the appearance of all components helps in removing complexity and lets a user navigate effortlessly and help him/her perform all the tasks comfortably.

5. Create A Responsive Interface 

Having an interface that is responsive or compatible with all available screen sizes is mandatory as a large part of the traffic is coming through smart devices. Incorporating mobile friendly features in the interface is imperative but one very important factor to be kept in mind is the time taken by it in responding to the user’s commands. Just like visitors abandon a website that takes more time in loading, they will leave a slow responding interface that does not provide an instant feedback. The choice of the platform used for development thus becomes vital and engaging a WordPress development company will be helpful as the platform can be effectively employed for creating responsive interfaces.


It is impossible to provide an agreeable and pleasant user experience without having a thoughtfully designed user interface and these UI designing tips have been provided to help designers create efficient and productive interfaces.

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