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12 Reasons you need a new mobile phone

12 Reasons You Need a New Mobile Phone


If you are finding a good reason for buying a new mobile phone, stay here. This article aims to provide you a lot of reasons you need a new handset of your choice.

In today’s day and age, everyone has a mobile phone and prefers to upgrade it pretty quickly. Though sometimes it's the result of a phone getting lost or broken, many times it's simply because the one gets tired of their old mobile phone and wants something new and different. Along with these two, there are lots of some other reasons why you need a new handset. Take a peek!

1.      Exclusive Smartphone Deals Available Now

The UK market is crowded with a plethora of new smartphones and a lot of deals coming with them. They are hard to miss! So if you are bored of your old handset and thinking of buying a new one loaded with latest features, you can sell your old useless phone and buy a new one. You can browse different mobile phone recyclers and look for the deals which can pay you much greater amount than any other recycler can.

2.      Your Friends and Family Members Mock You!

Have an older version mobile phone? If so, your friends and family members would be mocking you on daily basis. Now it’s time to replace your older model to the latest one.

3.      You Can’t Upgrade the OS of Your Old Phone

OS updates are critical to your phone’s performance and security. Latest smartphones of Apple is compatible with upgraded OS so that phone users get the seamless experience with their device. Hence, if you can’t download the latest version of Operating System on your IPhone then you must think of selling your IPhone and grab a new one.

4.      Your Phone’s Battery is Draining too Fast

The battery is the soul of your mobile phone; without which it won't operate. If your phone continues to experience problems, like a battery that is always dying or low, then it may be time to upgrade.

5.      Your Phone don’t have Sufficient Storage Space

If you don’t have enough space to save more photos and videos on your phone then you should consider upgrading it. New latest models from all popular brands such as Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy have huge storage space, for example, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. So, you can buy the hottest smartphone of your choice with extended storage space.

6.      Your Phone Screen is Smashed into Pieces

So, your mobile phone’s screen gets damaged because of sudden fall on the ground. It would truly be a heart-breaking moment for you. After this mishap, the chances are that your handset is working or not. If it has stopped working then it’s better to replace it with a new one instead of paying the expensive repair cost. Additionally, if it’s working and you are using it as it, then stop now. Try to sell it at a good price and grab a new one! The reason is that when you continue to use it, it will bring a death to your phone soon.

7.      Your Phone Can’t Access 3G and 4G

Today is the era of the internet. Latest smartphones are composed of 3G and 4G technologies to provide fast internet speed. Hence, if your recent phone doesn’t have 3G or 4G access then it’s now time to say goodbye it and buy a modern one.

8.      Your Phone’s Camera don’t Capture Clear and Bright Photos

Selfie is on the trend these days. Every mobile user loves to take pictures with the front camera. If you own an older model handset, stop capturing low-resolution moments. Get hold on a new phone that has a better camera to make clear and high-resolution memories.

9.      Your Phone’s Touch Screen is often Freezing

If you often find yourself with a frozen touchscreen that means the touch screen stops responding or is slow to respond then you should think about upgrading it. Buy a new smartphone and enjoy a great mobile phone experience!

10.  Your SIM Card Looks Like This

If your SIM Card looks like this that means you are using an older version mobile phone. Now you should consider buying a new one to replace it.

11.  Your Phone Contract is Going to End

If you are using a contract phone and now the contract is going to end then it is the best time to put a new model phone in your hands.

12.  Your Phone’s Speaker has Some Issues

If your phone’s speaker has some issues and your friends, family and anyone else could not understand what you are saying when they call you then you should stop using it and consider buying a new one.

Don’t Miss This Important Tip: If you are planning on replacing or upgrading your old mobile phone to the latest one because of any of above-mentioned reasons, then it’s a great thing to do. Hence, what would you do with your old handset after upgrading or replacement? Don’t throw it away in a garbage bin or put it into a dusty drawer somewhere. Simply sell it to the SellTheMobile and earn a great amount of cash. You use this money to invest in the new mobile phone if you are on a short budget and can’t afford the latest smartphone.