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Payment Speed: 24 Hours
Contact Number: 03333 447047
Email: [email protected]
Still Operating: No
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In their own words:

Gecko Mobile Recycling is operated by Gadget Recycling Ltd and is a UK based mobile phone recycling website. Gecko Mobile Recycling care about their reputation and use a grading system in order to offer an accurate valuation so that they can pay the price quoted rather than having to make a reduced offer because the phone is not in top condition. Quoted priced are valid for 14 days after you register your sale so you've got plenty of time to get your phone to Gecko Mobile without your price changing.

You'll be paid for your phone the same day your phone arrives at Gecko Mobile and as the free postage label they provide is for next day delivery so you could get paid the day after you make your order if you sent your phone off right away. You will get text updates when your phone is received and went payment has been issued so you'll know what's going on throughout the process.

If for any reason you are offered a revised amount Gecko Mobile will return your phone (£10 fee applies), you won't have to pay to send your phone as Gecko provide pre-paid 1st class postage and you'll know that recycling you phone is the right thing to do not only because you'll get some cash in your wallet but also because you're doing your bit for the environment.