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Payment Speed: 24 Hours
Contact Number: 0207 078 4290
Email: [email protected]
Still Operating: No
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In their own words:

MC is a well established and trustworthy electronic recycling company. We are a fast growing company that have been recycling mobile phones for over 4 years. We have recycled thousands of mobile phones sent to us by customers around the country. If the phone is not fit enough to be refurbished we recycle it to avoid any harmful environmental damage caused by dumping. This way we can keep our environment clean and keep out customers satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we do take customer complaints very seriously. Our customer service team have all undergone training and are very quick and efficient in dealing with customer queries. We always ensure our customers are satisfied at all times, hence why we have been rated 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 by customers that have used our mobile phone recycling service.

We pay customers for their used phone; the price we pay depends on the model sent. The prices can be found by locating your gadget using our website. We recycle variety of electronic types, such as- all mobile phone models, iPads, tablets, laptops, apple/Samsung watches and many more.

Our service will allow you to get instant cash from your unwanted mobile phone instead of it going to waste. We are highly competitive in the price we offer and beat most leading recycling companies. We also make a same day payment, once we receive the mobile phone. Customers are regularly updated about the status of their mobile phone via email, as well as there being a unique tracking ID assigned, where they will be able to follow the status of their mobile phone using the royal mail tracking service.