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Payment Speed: Upto 1 Week
Contact Number: 0344 357 7077
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://rpcrecycle.com
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In their own words:

The RPCrecycle.com website is run by RPC Recycle who specialise in purchasing redundant mobile phones and tablets for recycling and refurbishment.

RPC Recycle Ltd is a registered company in England (no. 6850398) and is VAT registered (no. 974 8971 47).
Recycling Mobile Phones and Tablets

When we receive mobile phones and tablets for recycling they are tested by one of our engineers to determine if the phone can be refurbished and reused again, or if it needs to be broken down and recycled.

A high percentage of the phones and tablets that we receive for recycling are fit enough to be refurbished and reused. The devices are refurbished in-house and reused not only in the UK, but worldwide including developing countries to help improve communications.

Any devices we receive that cannot be repaired or refurbished are carefully broken down into relevant parts and recycled in accordance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive so the metals and plastics can be reused whenever possible.