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Selling Faulty or Broken Galaxy Mobile Phones for Cash

Sell your Galaxy mobile for cash that has a problem

Many Mobile Recycling websites buy Non-Working, faulty & even broken Galaxy

Sell any Galaxy mobile phone with and we will get you the best possible prices just one simple step that is search on our website. We compare and quote over 20 different models of Samsung products here at

You can get paid cash for a non-working, faulty, damaged or even broken Galaxy by searching and comparing the best deal offered by recyclers on our website. We get you the best offered prices for you Galaxy by our hourly update system that gets live prices offered for your mobile that you are looking to recycle online.

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You can get a valuation for your mobile on our website by searching your phone on our smart search tool. We get you offers for your Galaxy or any other Smartphone or handset, and if you are happy with the price you can simply clicking Sell Now Button on the product listing and completing checkout process on recycler’s website. One they have received the handset and finished their evaluation process they will then pay you cash for recycling.

Compare Prices from Mobile Phone Recyclers & get the Best Price for your Phone!

Please select your Galaxy model to see what it's worth today in UK and who's paying the best price for your Galaxy.

Many Recyclers accepts used Galaxy as well as broken or faulty ones. You are still able to sell your mobile even it does not switch on, faulty buttons/keypad or fuzzy speaker at competitive prices.

In General which Galaxy is classified as used?

  • It should charge properly
  • It should be able to Switch On
  • It should not have any of its body parts missing
  • It should not have any functionality issue(s)
  • It should not have any Software Issues
  • Original Stylus must be included if compatible/present with the mobile phone
  • The LCD must be working properly without any issues
  • The LCD must not be damaged or cracked
  • It should not be reported as Lost or Stolen

If your Galaxy does not match the above criteria then see if you Galaxy could be classified as Faulty/Damaged devices. In general your Galaxy will be categorized as Faulty/Damaged if:

  • It is not crushed or broken.
  • It is not liquid damage or LCD bleeding
  • It is not fake, refurbished or reconditioned device
  • It is not reported as lost or stolen
  • No integral parts of the device are missing or detached from the main body
  • It has one or more functionality, non-functional parts or LCD Issue(s)
  • It is not liquid damaged
  • it doesn’t have iCloud lock/Google Account/password protection
  • It has one more fault
  • It has one more minor fault on body
  • It has one more minor body part damaged
  • It has fixable software problem.

Prices offered by Mobile Recycling companies are fair most of the time. We recommend you checking their terms and conditions before posting your Faulty, Damaged or Non-Working Mobiles for cash recycling.