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Sell My Phone Comparison

There are several mobile recycling companies when you choose to compare & sell with Sell Any Mobile. Here are some things which you can consider when choosing a recycler to sell your mobile with:

Step one to sell mobile
1. Postage Methods:

Almost all of the mobile recyclers in UK offer free postage and some also offer courier collection if your order is a minimum of 10 phones or worth a minimum amount set by the company.

Step two to sell mobile
2. Payment Options:

Most common payment options in UK are bank transfer and cheque. Some mobile recycling companies also offer payment by Paypal or vouchers and gift cards. While others can even donate your money to charity.

Step three to sell mobile
3. Ratings:

This is one of the most important thing to consider when selling your phone online because ratings are the feedbacks given to recyclers by individuals so you should consider the rating before placing an order online.

Step four to sell mobile
4. Return Policies:

Will it cost anything to get your phone returned if you are not happy with the price? Or can you get it returned free of cost? Surely, it should be given a thought when recycling online.