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How much is Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB worth today?

Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB

Sell My Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB

Price Range £131.58 to £135.00

Market selling value for Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB is £135.00 if it is in immaculate condition.

Sell My Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB

Price Ratings

Highest price is offered by envirofone, UK based mobile recycling website that buys over 275 different devices for cash.

Top Price Paid

envirofone Logo£135.00

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36,243 Reviews
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Uber Link are also buying this device at lower prices if you wish to sell them.

This Market selling value is for a fully functional and working Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB with no cosmetic or functionality problems at all.

Do you want to sell Brand New or Faulty/Broken Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB?

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Get Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB ready for recycling.

  • You can prepare your Phone for recycling by making sure you wipe out all data, taking out your sim card, eject your memory card, factory reset settings.
  • Go to envirofone and complete checkout process. Provide them all details required by them on their easy to use website and select Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB in your basket.
  • Pack your Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB in a securely wrapped box and post out to their instructed address along with your order details so that your parcel can be verified that this Phone belongs to you.

Thats it!

This is how you can easily get cash of £135.00 for your Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB in Used Condition.

The following sites are some of the most prominent and widely used options for selling a Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 128GB:

envirofone - paying £135.00

Envirofone is the UK’s leading mobile phone recycler and we’ve paid out over £160 million over the past 10 years. Selling your old mobile and making some money could not be easier. Over 4 million people in the UK have sold their mobiles to Envirofone. You can sell any make of mobile phone to us including smart phones e.g. you can sell your iPhone, sell a Blackberry, HTC or Samsung Galaxy. People also sell a wide selection of older mobile phones like a Nokia 6300 or an iPhone 4 to help pay for a new phone that they really want. So if you want to sell your mobile phone and earn some money go to Envirofone.

Uber Link - paying £131.58

Uber Link is one of the fastest growing online recycling platforms in the UK. We offer rapid turnaround times, swift payments, and superb customer service. Our product range is diverse and constantly evolving, so whatever device you want to sell, we’ve got you covered. With many years of industry experience in customer-centric roles, we’ve developed a simple and streamlined recycling process that allows us to offer you a hassle-free customer journey.

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