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How to send mail from Gmail to mobile

Gmail is considered the popular email service on the internet today. With almost 900 million registered users worldwide Gmail have virtually crossed all milestones of growth and popularity. This mind-boggling popularity of Gmail is mostly due to multiples of user-friendly tools that make the highly effective in any situation – personal or professional. Sending a message from Google mail to mobile is one such useful service. Although there is a mobile Google app offered by Google that allows smartphone users to send and receive email messages like computers, it is still possible to send email to a cell phone via computer.

In this process, the email is sent to a recipient's mobile phone number, which he will be able to read it as an SMS message. This is a good method to contact other people including clients, friends, and relatives through email even if they do not have accounts in Google mail. For this to work, any kind of mobile phone having the facility of text messaging can be contacted perfectly at anytime and anywhere in the world. Account holders of Gmail, who find it complicated to send such mail can contact Gmail tech support to understand and get practical knowledge on how to send mail.

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Usability of Gmail to mobile service

Google mail is used by a great many people in this world for multiple reasons. It's equally important to people for commercial as also for personal purposes. The strong network of more than 900 million users is further aggravated when users can contact others who don't have an account or even those people who don't have any mail account at all. Users who are having a problem in accessing this highly useful and best service often contacts Gmail customer service to learn how to send mail from Gmail to mobile service.

Important steps in using this tool

Step 1
Login is a must.

Step 2
The "compose" option is to be opened where any new text can be entered. The user needs to enter the text he wants to send to a mobile number.

Step 3
The 10-digit cell phone number of the targeted receiver into type in the "To" field of the "Compose" window, i.e. in the field where email Id is typed, the user need to type mobile number only

Step 4
Just next to the 10-digit cell phone number, "@" symbol is to type and then SMS gateway of the service provider of the recipient is to be typed. The gateway is easily available from the service provider's website. A subject is then written in the "subject" column of composing option in use.

Step 5
A message is ready to be sent to the targeted recipient's mobile as a text message.

Gmail tech support can be contacted further in case these steps seem troublesome. In any case, once an account holder learns to send messages through this extremely useful function of Gmail it becomes another way to strengthen contacts and networks for business and personal reasons.