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Unlock My Mobile

With an emerging demand for Mobile Phones around the world and constant change in technology, old Mobiles decrease in value and may not be of the same worth as when you bought them. We at Sell Any Mobile are determined to get you the best deal when you want to sell your phone for cash. We have some of the most trusted, reliable and leading Mobile Phone Recyclers in the UK who are always offering the best price for your phone.

Mobile Phone Recyclers UK we list; buy and recycle all sorts of phones and devices even if they are locked to any UK network. What is even better when selling or recycling your phone for cash to make the most out of your old phone, is to get your phone unlocked. Despite recycling locked phones, some of the Mobile Recyclers offer more cash for Unlocked phones. We do not want you to be at loss by selling your phone locked to your network provider.

Use our guide and we will let you know if your phone is locked/unlocked or if it can be unlocked or not, before you trade in your phones for cash.

Is my Device Unlocked?

It is very easy to find out if your mobile phone or any other device is unlocked or not. Simply insert a SIM card from another network (other than the one you are currently using) in your phone.

If your phone picks up the SIM card without any problems, then your phone is unlocked and can be sold for a very good value in cash.

If your phone doesn't accept the SIM card, then you will need to get it unlocked before you can exchange your mobile for cash. Use our guide to unlock your mobile phone by your network provider.

Following are some of the methods by which you can unlock and sell your phone for cash:-

Second Hand/Used Phone:-

Did you get the phone from a third party or family/friend and found out that the phone is locked to a network? At SellAnyMobile, we have got it all covered and we can help you in unlocking your phone even if you are not the network registered owner of your phone. Visit our affiliate unlocking service website www.redunlocking.co.uk and unlock your mobile from any network at very cheap and competitive rates for mobile unlocking service.

Orange/T-Mobile/EE Users:-

Whether you are a Pay as you go Customer, Pay monthly or just finished your contract with EE/T-Mobile/Orange; you can follow the easy instructions to get your phone unlocked. Simply click here. Once you have got your phone unlocked, you can certainly sell it for a higher price.

O2 Users:-

If you want to have your O2 phone unlocked, click here and follow the instructions to have your device unlocked by O2 and sell your phone for cash.

Tesco Mobile Users:-

Click here to get help on how to unlock your Tesco Mobile phone before recycling it for cash.

Virgin Mobile Users:-

Generally, Virgin Mobile devices are not network locked. But if you encounter issues using a different provider's SIM in your device, then simply contact Virgin Media and they will help you in unlocking your phone.

Vodafone Users:-

Vodafone offers easy unlocking service. You can easily request your unlock code for your phone by clicking here and unlock it before selling for cash.

3 Network Users:-

Unlock your Three device and use it with another network or just sell it for cash with one of the Mobile Phone Recyclers in the UK. To unlock a Mobile Phone or any other device from Three, you’ll need to fill in the form here.