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How do I get more cash for my iPhone?

Compare Prices from Mobile Phone Recyclers & get the Best Price for your Phone!

Since the new IPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been launched and put on the shelves across the UK there has been a bigger demand for recycling old IPhones as the price of the new models start at an impressive price of £599-£799. That’s a lot of money to splash out on a new phone for everyday people like myself so what could I do to nearly half that price you ask? Well... Aspiring buyers will be looking to sell their old device to help with the costs of the shiny new handsets. There are many ways to get cash for your mobile so below are some of the ways you could do this.

EBAY- you have two choices when it comes to eBay you can either select:-

  • Buy it now – were you can set your own price you can also add best price to the listings this allows buyers to pitch prices to you.
  • Or
  • Auction – This is where you have no maximum amount that your handset can go for

When you are using eBay there are some things you need to remember NEVER over price this will put buyers of so make sure you price your handset accordingly (Do some research)

Make sure you add the brands name in the tittle to catch buyers attention and help them to find the add (use key words such as Apple iPhone 6s for sale)

Be honest! When selling your phone declare any scratches or marks and faults you have this will come in handy when trying to sell anything in the future.

EBay does charge for shipping so be sure to add shipping fees in the ads most buyers won’t mind paying shipping if you’re giving them a good deal on their phone.

When selling on eBay if you think you will use the website again you should encourage feedback so next time you sell anything buyers know they can trust you and know you are a reputable seller.

AMAZON – with amazon it’s only really the more new and in mint condition phones you will make a profit on as there is still a lot of competition out there and the newer models are still quite popular and being bought for more (often on the high street)

RECYCLING YOUR PHONE – Recycling your phone is the more cost efficient and easiest way to sell your phone for cash as there are no shipping or handling fees. There is no time wasted looking around for the best prices when there are comparisons sites like Sell any mobile out there to help you. Sell any mobile helps to compare your phone across the leading phone recyclers to acquire the best price for your old handset. Recycling your phone is known to offer you the most money for your phone as it is big company’s buying your phone who know all there is to know about pricing of phones new and used rather than an individual buying it for personal use. Below are some of the best phone recyclers who offer the most cash for your unwanted phone:-

  1. Fone Hub
  2. Simply Drop
  3. Mobile Cash Mate
  4. envirofone
  5. Mazuma Mobile
  6. 8 Mobile
  7. EE Recycle
  8. Fone Bank UK
  9. O2 Recycle
  10. Music Magpie
  11. Top Dollar Mobile
  12. MacBack
  13. Recycle Ur Phone
  14. We Buy Any Gadget
  15. Vodafone Trade In
  16. Tesco Mobile Trade In
  17. Carphone Warehouse
  18. Gadget Panda
  19. Money For Your Phone
  20. Evamo
  21. Giffgaff Recycle
  22. Sellto
  23. Digital Recycle
  24. Phone Convert
  25. KingBuyback
  26. Camorada
  27. Alpha Recycle
  28. Apple Recycle
  29. Cheap Apples
  30. Gadget Reclaim
  31. Gecko Mobile
  32. Handtec Sellphone24
  33. MC Recycle
  34. Meelie Mobile
  35. Phones 2 Pounds
  36. Post Gold For Cash
  37. Quick Mobile Fix
  38. RPC Recycle
  39. Rapid Phone Buyer
  40. ReBuy
  41. Recycle My Smartphone
  42. RX Mobile
  43. Sell My Fone
  44. Cashed Phone
  45. Samsung Recycle
  46. Fone Wizard
  47. Sell Phones
  48. Sell Smart For Cash
  49. Sell Any Fone
  50. Sell My iPhone
  51. Cash My Mac
  52. Mac2Cash
  53. Cash4Mac
  54. Good Buy Tech
  55. iSmash
  56. Kaso Recycle
  57. Cash My Fone
  58. GameXchange
  59. Love Fone
  60. Mobile Phone Xchange
  61. Three Trade In
  62. We Buy Tek
  63. Bozowi
  64. Lloyds Mobile Phone Recycling
  65. iPhone Recycler
  66. CEX
  67. Mobile Phones Factory
  68. Redial Recycle
  69. Gadget and Tech
  70. FoneBucks
  71. Grade Mobile
  72. Uber Link

All these recyclers can be found plus many more on were we compare all the prices for your phone and find you the best deal for YOU!

The earlier you sell the phone the more cash you will receive.

When a new phone is announced, the resale value of older models starts to drop quite rapidly. Two days before the 2015 iPhone 6 and 6plus were announced the most you would have got for recycling your phone was £455 and £357 for the 5C. Just one week after the new phones had hit the high street the 5C prices had dropped to as little as £294.

How to safety recycle your phone

  • Before you send your phone away its best to wipe all data of it including passwords and log out of any social media because the phone won’t be in your hands anymore and you don’t want your personal data floating around.
  • Take a photo of your phone at all angles so you have a record of its condition before sending it to the recycler. Phones in bad condition will be bought for less than those in perfect condition. So it’s important to have an accurate record of your phones condition before sending it.
  • If your phone some major damages such as broken screen it may be worth the time to get it repaired as you will get more for a phone with a fully functioning screen than a damaged one you may still make a profit look for quotes online to see how much repairing your screen costs.