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Recycling Samsung Galaxy mobiles

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Do you have a Samsung? Just upgraded to a new phone and thinking of selling your phone? Well you have come to the right place at we have amazing deals for you old Samsung phone. We offer up to £300 for some of the newer phones such as Samsung galaxy note 5. We compare prices across the top recyclers to get the best price for you.

Why selling your Samsung galaxy as soon as you receive your new phone is important?

When a new phone is announced, the resale value of older models starts to drop quite rapidly. Not only this but your old phone will be left in a drawer some were and it will gain new scratches It may get knocked and dropped leaving more damage to the phone which means it will sell for less. The longer you leave selling your phone the less money you will receive even if your phone is in perfect working order the value will still drop as there are always new models being released which will be a lot more popular for example if you had a Samsung s5 back in April 2014 when the phone was first released you would be looking at a buying price of £571.51 now three years later after the newer models have been released the buying price brand new is £310 as you can see the price has dropped a great deal and that is brad new. When selling, the phone used it will be worth £280 depending on faults and damages. So, as you see it is important to sell your phone as soon as possible to get the best price.

My Samsung galaxy is water damaged can I still sell my phone for cash?

Most of our recyclers buy faulty and damaged phones for a lower price but when it comes to water damage it’s a little tricky as you never know when the phone is going to break down all together. Some recyclers will buy water damaged phones BUT the price will be considerably lower than just a damaged phone would get. To get the best price for your phone you would have to compare the prices on and send your phone of to the recyclers to let a qualified technician check your phone they will then send you a price of how much your phone is worth if you are happy with the best you can accept and receive cash for your phone but if you are not you can can get your phone sent back to you.

I have more than one Samsung I would like to recycle

You can sell as many phones as you want with We will find the best price for all of your phones. You may find that you will be dealing with multiple recyclers this is because the best deals for each phone may be given by different recyclers.

How do I get the best price for my Samsung?

There are a few ways to get more for your phone one way to get more cash for your phone is to get it unlocked most if not all recyclers pay out more for an unlocked phone as it is easier to sell after it has been refurbished.

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