Environmental Care

Your role in protecting the environment

How About You?

How can you make a real difference to improve people’s lives and get a star for environmental care into the bargain? How can one small thing that you own but no longer use be of any use to others?

Could there really be something you could do right now to help our ecosystem while making some money for charities or for yourself? On this page we explain how together, Mobile Recyclers and you, can complete the resource cycle for environmental care.

Here at Mobile Recyclers we are well aware that a vast amount of resources are used up to make all the gadgets of a modern world. From batteries and transformers to mobile phones and books, we use up precious resources and energy in the making. Yet all too often your devices wear out, become old fashioned and, after all that we throw them away.

Let’s think about what we are wasting for a moment. Metals such as aluminium, iron, zinc, lead, tin, copper, nickel, chromium and even gold go into the making of the products we use. They are the raw materials used to make steel cases, cabling, electrical contacts and more. These products and devices are certainly an achievement of modern times and we have come to rely on them. Yet, with your help the cost to the environment doesn’t need to be so high.

Your Metals

The metals in your gadgets originally come from mining rock. Transportation adds to the cost and the ores need to be extracted and refined using heat. Indeed the metals themselves are a finite resource. So at Mobile Recyclers we are developing ways to save metals, but we need your help.

Your Plastics

Carbon based materials such as the plastics of polyethylene, polybutane and others are used to make many of the products that we buy these days. Did you know these materials can be recycled too?

Your Printed Material

Paper can of course be recycled to produce the fibre to make more paper. This saves cutting down trees to make the wood pulp that is used for cardboard packaging, magazines and books.

However, most books are even more valuable for their readable content. From school text books to any interesting reads that you have finished with, your books could actually be passed on to be read again. Surely this makes more sense than throwing them away for scrap?

We need your help to complete this resource cycle. Now with our help you can actually make a real difference and make something for yourself into the bargain. Really, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, it makes good sense for our ecosystem, for our communities and for you.

Reduce Your Stuff

Even with new products manufacturers are successfully replacing expensive and rare materials with less costly materials while ensuring or improving quality.

So first you can reduce consumption by buying products that are already made from recycled materials. These might include the plastics in your new compost bin, the fibre in your new carpet, or paper made from recycled pulp.

New and alternative products are creating a demand for recycled materials. This demand for recycled materials can pay out to you when your items are recycled. Moreover, as the cycle completes so the cost to make some new items is reduced.

We all gain because the precious resources that would have been used to make the items that we recycle are saved for a greener future.

Reuse Your Stuff

When you’ve finished with a gadget that still works, think about the benefits that it could still bring to someone else. Here at Mobile Recyclers we send your reusable gadgets and books to people who need them, and we’ve made reuse really simple. Together we can help poorer communities to get the benefits that you have already enjoyed.

The fact is, resources can be prohibitively expensive elsewhere in the world. Yet the need for books and technology in those places remains. By reusing your gadgets we make technology accessible to people in poor communities. Now there is no need for them to buy from new and we can reward you for helping. By passing your items on to Mobile Recyclers you can earn some money for yourself, or your school, or your favourite charities.

Recycle Your Stuff

You may have items that no longer work. Don’t worry about that. At Phone Recycling we recycle those items too. When we recycle products we break them down and extract the components.

Metals and plastics can be extracted from waste and concentrated to make into new materials. These alternative materials can be used to replace the raw materials in some new products. So completing this cycle will make some of the exciting products that we buy less costly for everyone.

Complete The Resource Cycle Today

Now it’s time for you to help us make a perfect world of environmental care. We can’t complete the cycle and help others without your help.

So why not give your household a star for environmental care today? Simply dig out all those redundant gadgets that you have and recycle them properly with Mobile Recyclers.

You may have disused: mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players, video game discs, ebook readers, cameras, camcorders & books. Take a look now to see where you have buried them and then join us in helping to improve environmental care.

Thanks For Helping

Remember you will be helping other people as we forward any working parts in your gadgets, or books, to new consumers for reuse. You will help reduce consumption when we break down and extract the precious materials from your broken unused items.

You can also help yourself or help the charities you support into the bargain. That’s because we pay you for your unused items. So why not give yourself an award for environmental care today. To complete the resource cycle right now, click here, and do come back when you have more stuff.