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How to watch Netflix movies without a subscription

Netflix And Chill
It's well known that web media streaming giant Netflix brings its audience some of the best movies and web series of every year. From 'Narcos' to 'Lost in Space', 'Ghoul' to 'Lust stories', 'To all the boys I ever loved' to 'Thirteen Reasons Why', some of the major worldwide hit web content in the last few years has come from the House of Flix. Given that there are no censorship rules to web
 content, it also gives artists and makers extra liberty to add all those touches which can't be done in a movie that's supposed to hit the big screens. Call it artistic liberty, but this influences the kind of content being made a lot, which is exactly what separates Netflix movies and series from Big films and TV shows.

Plot Twist
But there's a catch to it, all that content is amazing, but it's not free. There are many movies streaming sites where you have to pay a subscription amount to watch Netflix series and movies. However, what if we told you that you can watch it all for free? What if we showed you a way to Netflix & Chill without any bills? Well, buckle up, cause that's exactly what we're going to do.

How can you watch it for Free?
There are lots of third party websites and applications that let you stream movies and series from all over the world for free, and yes you guessed it right, you can also view Netflix movies and series there. Some of these websites are already very popular, like Coke & Popcorn, Fmovies, Cuevana, etc. Here are a few you can try -

1. Popcorn TV
Popcorn TV is an incredible application that lets you download any movie or TV show you want to watch on your phone. Although you can't watch them directly on the app, but still, Popcorn TV is definitely a must try, given that it's 100% safe and secure, and also it has got zero irritating ads and popups. Besides, you can always delete the contents after watching if you're worried about the space they will take up!

2. Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV is another great app that has a massive collection of English shows, series, movies, documentaries, anime and a lot more. It’s safe, easy to use, and offers the best content faster than most other streaming sites and applications once it’s released. However, it lacks an inbuilt player, so you’ll have to install MX player or Yes player. The app is updated regularly and you’ll easily find any Netflix movie or series there in various video quality options, sorted by seasons and episodes.

3. Fmovies
If you’re looking for a website instead of applications to watch your favorite Netflix series, Fmovies is a safe bet. The site has multiple servers that are always working so you can easily watch whatever you want to watch including movies, TV shows, etc. However, unlike the two apps above, Fmovies will bother you with a few ads and popups, but it definitely won’t spam you with them, so don’t worry about that.

So, these were our favorite apps and sites to watch Netflix movies and web series without having t pay a dime. We’ve used each one of them personally and can guarantee you that all of them are safe and legal to use and they won’t affect your device or security in any way, unlike most other malicious third-party streaming services that do. So, what are you waiting for now? Forget about the bill, Go Netflix and chill! Let us know what you think of these sites in the comments box!