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The importance of branding guidelines for your business

Every business needs consistency which you achieve by building a brand identity and having clear knowledge about what brand guidelines are for creating this visual identity.

If you are consistent in the way you represent your brand and speak about and provide its services, then the customers will trust you and remember your brand.

Being consistent throughout is a tough choice and, that’s why the experts emphasize on having brand guidelines as it makes this task easier to perform and maintain.

What are brand guidelines?

1. They are rules that govern how you should represent your brand across different marketing channels to build credibility, authority, and recognition for your brand.
2. A brand guideline includes visual guidelines like Logo, color palette, typography and sometimes they can also cover the business’s vision, goals, imagery, and voice. According to the requirement of your business, it can cover a lot more.

3. Creating and sticking to a brand guideline is tough but it can be done step by step starting with Logo designing.  

Here let’s take a look at what these set of rules include:
Brand Guidelines are mandatory and effective for every type of business but it can differ for them based on the nature and size of the company. A business that is huge may need detailed guidelines whereas small businesses may not need such intricate rules. A guideline is made on paper and saved as a PDF file too, shared with the employees and others through internet.

Elements of this are:

1. Cover page
The cover page of this document should be simple with the name of the company and the business logo.

2. Logo
It is the face of your brand that makes your company known among-st your clients and consumers. It is imperative that it remains bold but not complex and is consistent through every channel like visiting card or website. Using Canva’s logo maker one can design a decent logo within minutes.

Here are the guidelines for creating a good logo:

Elements: this includes a guide on how and where the slogan, icon, wordmark should appear.

Color- what color should the logo have and what variations are allowed in it. Also, how background should look (white and black or transparent) has to be made clear in this.

Safety space- Also known as clear space, it is the blank space around your logo that is required for better visibility and effect.

Unacceptable uses- to make sure that no one uses your logo in a wrong manner make it clear about what you don’t want in the logo and minimum size for various channels.

3. Color palette
Primary color palette- should have colors that were used in the logo and how it can be used for other brands asset.

Secondary color palette- complementary colors that can be used in brand assets for tagline or text etc.

4. Typography
This will include what font and typefaces would be used in your logo and other assets. Size and color of the font should also be mentioned.

 Other things that can be included in this document are:

Mission statement – your business has long term goals that you need to reach and branding helps in achieving them. So mention that in short as your mission statement.

Imagery- defines whether you want stock images or original photos for use in your brand identity.

Illustrations – what type of illustration you want should be mentioned

Specifics about designs- if your business deals with a particular service/products, then you need to mention how they will be designed like advertising or packaging/

5. Brand Voice
Brand voice is how you want your brand to sound to people like friendly or useful. These adjectives will help in future press releases etc.

 How to make a brand guideline?

They are created in PDF format or online booklet. Google slides and Microsoft PowerPoint can be used in making this document.

Once created, share this with employees or designer in a shared drive like Google drive. They should not be able to make changes to the document; this right should only be with the owner.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or a startup including just you, brand guidelines are essential in creating a brand identity that is consistent and resonates with the personality of your business. Hopefully, the above tips would have helped you.