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What to do if your iPhone overheats

Apple iPhone’s are introduced by Steve Jobs and he is the founder of a company named Apple. I phones ranked as number one phones in comparison to other phones. It is even expensive and not within the reach of every common people. There are multiple features in this phone in comparison with Samsung, Nokia and many more. Moreover, there is a great demand of I phones because some people consider this as status symbol and we know, these days people live more for the society more than they live for themselves.

Now the question arises what to do if your I phones overheats. Then, precautionary measures require for the protection of gadget whether it is laptop or I phones. One should be careful while using electronic instrument as it may lead to severe damage or may causes life threat. Despite of being expensive, many people can buy it at reasonable prices because many online companies offer IHYPERLINK ""phoneHYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""deals so that people can easily buy it for less. `There are few necessary measures that are essential to be taken:

       Avoid doing the activities that may overheats your I phone and those activities are:

       Do not charge your phone overnight because excess charging leads to overheating of phones which may often end up in bursting of battery.

       Avoid receiving the calls when your phone is plug in for charging. This can be another major cause of overheat.

       Regular/continuous use of phones can also be harmful. Use like playing games, long phone calls and many more.

       Overheating of I phones can also be the warning of damage which require you to soon get it repair or replace it with the new phones.

These days life of every human being surrounds around mobile phones. There life is incomplete without phones. If you generally ask a person that name a thing that you cannot live without, then probably the answer will be mobile phone.

We have discussed the precautionary measures but there are some tips to cool down the overheated I phones. These tips are very important to learn for every I phone users. Tips are:

       Best way to cool down the overheated phone is to turn off the phone and if you will switch off the phone, you will notice that phone automatically gets cool.

       Do not left your I phones at humid places like car, buses because rays of sun directly approach the car or bus which may be harmful, so another best alternative is to carry your I phone along with you.

       Turn off the GPRS when not required as I phones consume more battery in comparison to android phones.

After adopting the following tips, you are still facing the same issue then surely there may be problem with your handset. Many network operators undergo for mobile phones on contracts in order to satisfy the requirements. Moreover, excess use of phone not only damage phones but also cause harm to humans. Despite of knowing the facts, people are still careless for their well being.